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Got Light? Let’s Read!

Front Porch June 2016Since 1972, the third Sunday in June has been designated as Father’s Day. Grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, and other men are recognized for their love, laughter, and life lessons on that special day. This month’s front porch is dedicated to a son, brother, uncle, and father, who is New Orleans born, raised, and returned. Daron Franklin is NOLA BRAR (pronounced “bruh”).

The picture that accompanies this month’s post was taken during a memorable event that occurred two months after Father’s Day, 2012. Between August 21 and September 1, effects of Hurricane Isaac were felt in and around New Orleans. Flooding, high winds, and electrical outages were experienced by many families.

For some families, “reading, writing, and arithmetic” were the last things on their minds during electrical outings. For the Franklin family, the nightly ritual of bedtime stories was not altered by the lack of electricity. A love of teaching and learning, inquisitive children, and creative juices influenced this daddy’s decision to continue the ritual, to read with his children.

What kind of father reads to his children in the dark, guided only by a small toy-like flash light and miniature head lamp as sources of light? A father who values education instills and nurtures a love for teaching and learning “by whatever means necessary.”

This father, Daron Franklin formally educated in New Orleans’ public schools, specifically, the historically rich McDonogh 35 High School, and “home-schooled by the village” loves to learn and to teach. He is a master teacher and athletic coach. He is a master mathematician whose pedagogical and cultural proficiency have resulted in testimonies from former students, colleagues, and supervisors from classrooms along the river roads of southeast Louisiana to north Texas. Life lessons learned in and outside of many classrooms, prepared Daron to become the man, the husband, the master teacher, the father he has become.

Does he reflect the definition of a good father? The answer is a resounding yes! I must disclose my bias; Daron Franklin is my son, the father to my youngest grandchildren, the son in whom I am well pleased!

See you next month baby!
Dr. Lisa – New Orleans Born, Raised, and Returned©

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  1. An inltilegent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

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