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Looking Back to Move Forward

I haven’t posted since August and have a list of reasons why. In my mind, they are all valid – no excuses, just reasons.

Reason #1- I was dealing with a potentially traumatizing family issue. My mind was not focused on writing about education, especially writing about the educational landscape of New Orleans.

Reason #2 – I was dealing with a family issue that required my full attention. This situation like the one mentioned in Reason #1 involved life!

Reason #3- I was tired! I didn’t feel like. Life happened! Stuff happened!

I am a mature woman, wife, mother, grandmother. I am a professional. I am a community member. I am human. I am full of emotions and intellect. So are the children, the students whose lives provide economic opportunities for cadres of adults, many of whom ignore the humanness of children. If I, a mature woman could not bring myself to do something I needed to do, what about the children? What about the children whose daily life experiences are more like that of adults than of children? What about children whose Reasons 1, 2, and 3 don’t end in favorable outcomes? How developmentally appropriate is it for children who have experienced trauma or potentially traumatic life experiences to pout? To retreat into quietness, decide not to complete an assignment but to “daydream” instead? To express their sadness through loud talking, singing, dancing, saying, “I don’t want to, I am tired.”

Which educational systems, which administrators, which communities, recognize children’s emotional needs and are caring and skilled enough to educate fully the children? Who are they? Are you “the one the children have been waiting for?” Are “we the ones we have been waiting for?” Wait no longer. Love, teach, and help to raise the children in your life. Your children, the neighbors’ children, and children at church, in the mosque, on the corner, in the store, in the street – we can’t wait any longer.

As 2016, ends and the dawn of a new horizon, of new experiences, of opportunities to forget and to remember draws near, consider how you can make a difference. What will you do “about the children” in 2017?

See you next year, baby!

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