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The Day of, the Days After- What Memories will Remain?

October 31 has been noted as the scariest day in the year. On the other hand, for many, especially children it is a fun day and night of dressing in scary costumes, asking for and receiving, sweet, sticky, good to you but not necessarily good for you candies.

On the day after, if children are asked who received the largest amount of candy, they might “guestimate” (whatever was left) to determine the answer. If asked to describe the house where they received the most candy, an answer might not come as easily. Size of the house would probably not matter, nor would house’s color. What might matter most is that they received what they went for – CANDY.

Remembering special, fun times and things associated with events is important. The ability to recall names of people who helped to make events and days memorable though sometimes taken for granted is essential to establishing historicity – credibility and value of events. There is no question about the significance of givers of candy to the event celebrated on October 31. Is a similar amount of significance attributed to those who are responsible for giving and exchanging knowledge?

Look for responses to that question and others during the next several weeks. Dr. Lisa is coming to a front porch near you (not to ask for candy) to ask for memories!

See you next month baby!
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